Web = Data

Call it what you will, the web represents the largest trove of data ever assembled. The problem is that it is locked in a lattice of messy markup - non-semantic, context dependent and inaccessible. We specialize in developing custom web crawlers that can intelligently extract data. We have developed a toolchain that can refine even difficult and inconsistent user-facing pages into clean data.

Our technology was developed to detect the subtle changes of websites - ignoring superfluous changes while zeroing in on the data you want to extract. Our series of autonomous web robots are fault-tollerant and distributed, yet run on modest cloud-based or bare-metal servers. We save the results of our data extraction processes redudantly in NoSQL stores and to managed Amazon (AWS) Cloud data stores.

a store of valuable or delightful things.
Oxford Dictionary

Higher Education

Higher Education is in our DNA. We choose Higher Education as one of our focal points because it matters. Students and learning matter. The landscape of Higher Education does present challenges, however our technical accument and post-secondary experience allow us to tackle everything between large, extra-instituional problems down to department-specific tasks.

Students and learning matter.


Higher Ed Careers Canada

We built a game-changing platform to help academics and higher education professional find jobs at institutions across Canada. Bucking the traditional model of academic job websites, pay-to-post, we built a flexible web crawler that automatically finds jobs at Canadian colleges and universities. Closely integrated with social media, Higher Ed Careers Canada publishes daily on Facebook and Tumblr and with each new update on Twitter and Google+.

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Post-Secondary Education Database is an effort to create an exhaustive list of higher education institutions in Canada. By pulling data from public domain and creative commons sources as well as structured user submissions, PSEbase creates a normalized, indexed single source for institutional information.

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DadaJS is an open-source framework for styling websites with AbsurdJS. The framework allows for javascript programmers to quickly create concise, manageable CSS style sheets.


ReporterJS is an open-sourced, micro content mangement system built atop of Google Docs and Node.js. Using well known spreadsheet formulas, dynamic reports with eye-popping visualizations.


Akureyri Networks can help organizations large and small with social media automation / management, online accessiblity, front and backend web development as well as technology consulting. Contact us for more information.